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Qualwave Inc. is a premium designer and manufacturer of microwave and millimeter wave products. We provide DC~110GHz broadband active and passive components worldwide. We have designed a series of standard models to meet the needs of customers in most cases. At the same time, products can also be customized according to special requirements.


Power Dividers MORE+

Power Dividers

It is generally used as the high-frequency or intermediate frequency preamplifier of various Radio receiver, and the amplification circuit of high-sensitivity electronic detection equipment. A good Low-noise amplifier needs to amplify the signal while producing as low noise and distortion as possible.



PLDRO, short for Phase locked dielectric oscillator, is a stable and reliable frequency source.

PCB Connectors MORE+

PCB Connectors

PCB connector is a type of connector used to connect electronic components on a circuit board or PCB board.

Cables and Assemblies MORE+

Cables and Assemblies

RF cable assemblies, on the other hand, are pre-assembled cable systems that consist of RF cables and connectors to provide a reliable and consistent transmission of high-frequency signals.


Wireless Satellite Radar Test & Measurement Communication Instrumention and Apparatuses Avionics Base Station


Remote sensing
Medical treatment


Satellite communications
Satellite Navigation
Satellite remote sensing
Satellite control and data transmission


Target detection and tracking
Marine applications
Meteorological applications
Air traffic control
Topographic mapping and exploration

Test & Measurement

Frequency analysis and measurement
Power analysis and measurement
Bandwidth analysis and measurement
Loss analysis and measurement
RF resonator test


Radio communications
Wireless data communication
Mobile communications
Two-way television
Radio navigation

Instrumention and Apparatuses

Wireless Test
Signal Analysis
Medical Applications
Other Applications


Communication systems
Navigation system
Radar systems

Base Station

Wireless communication base stations
Satellite communication base stations
Television broadcasting transmission systems

  • Wireless


  • Satellite


  • Radar


  • Test & Measurement


  • Communication


  • Instruments and Apparatuses


  • Avionics


  • Base Station

    Base Station



Understand the advantages of Qualwave
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    Fast Delivery

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    High Quality

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    Customization Avaiable

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    Pre-sales and After-sales Service

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    Technical Support

With fast delivery

Fast Delivery

① Raw materials are abundantly stocked, and the production process is arranged scientifically;
②High-quality suppliers to ensure that the quality of purchased materials is qualified;
③Regular maintenance and good operation of production equipment;
④ The departmental communication mechanism is sound, and emergencies can be dealt with in a timely manner;
⑤Most products are in stock and can be shipped as soon as possible;
⑥All products are shipped by air to effectively control the transit time.

Guaranteed quality

High Quality

①ISO 9001:2015 certificated;
②Use the latest tools and the best raw materials;
③Regular employee training can continuously strengthen quality awareness and standardize the behavior process, from a small solder joint, a wire, to a large case, to be meticulous and strive for excellence;
④Have perfect inspection procedures, have advanced and detailed inspection equipment and means, and strictly follow the inspection procedures, do a good job in every unit of product quality inspection, and prevent a substandard product from leaving the factory;


Customization Avaiable

We can provide customized services for most products to meet the special needs of customers;
Service personalization: We can provide targeted and personalized services according to the actual needs of customers.

Provide pre-sales andafter-sales service

Pre-sales and After-sales Service

Pre-sale service:
①Timely response;
②Provide professional selection guidance;
③Provide complete supporting product information.
After-sales service:
①Dedicated personnel to answer and accept customer complaint calls, and provide practical solutions in a timely manner;
②During the product warranty period, any product quality problems of the company will be supported according to the after-sales repair policy;
③Dedicated personnel to track the improvement results and conduct regular telephone return visits.

Technical Support

Technical Support

①We have a strong design team that can provide all-round technical support;
②Technical communication can be carried out in the early stage to assist customers in understanding their needs;
③In the medium term, we can maintain continuous communication with customers on optimizing device indicators;
④In the later stage, technical guidance such as product use and maintenance instructions will be provided;
⑤We will provide relevant technical support to all the customers.



Real time understanding Qualwave
Qualwave attendes EuMW 2022 in Milan, Italy.

Qualwave attendes EuMW 2022 in Milan, Italy.

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